Sports Coaching Minor

Our program provides education appropriate for coaches at the middle school, high school, college, and serious club-sport levels. This minor will exceed qualifications for the American Sport Education Program (ASEP) Bronze Level Certification. The program and course content meets certification requirements for Massachusetts and New York and have been developed in support of the National Standards for Athletic Coaches. For the Sport Coaching Minor students will select two three-credit courses from the prescribed list in addition to the 13 credits required for the Sport Coaching Certificate for a total of 19 credits.

Courses Offered

EDUC 375 Coaching Principles (3) PHED 375 Scientific Foundations of Coaching (3)
PHED 108 Community First Aid and Safety (1)
PHED 215 Lifetime Wellness (3)
EDUC 376 Practicum in Sport Coaching (3)
Select two of the following:
BIOL 316 Functional Human Anatomy (3)*
BIOL 440 Physiological Aspects of Exercise (3)*
PHED 395 Special Topics (with subtitle appropriate to sport coaching) (3)
PSYC 376 Sport Psychology (3)*
SOCI 316 Sociology of Sport (3)*

*These courses carry prerequisites that are not included in the listed requirements for the minor