Out @ MCLA

Out@MCLA is a voluntary community of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts staff, faculty, and administrators who self-identify as members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and/or Asexual community. This bolsters our efforts to increase visibility of the LGBTQIA community on campus, as well as to provide a network of support for faculty, staff, and students. Through this list, we hope that students who identify as members of the community will be able to find mentors who are also members of the community. As we who are part of the community know, visibility is a critical part of our thriving on campus.

Alishia Alther—Library

Amanda Beckwith—Athletics

Deborah Foss—Psychology

Jill Gilbreth—English & Communications

Christina Kelly—Development

Janet Lexow—Library

Christopher Macdonald-Dennis—Office of the Chief Diversity Officer

Jonathan Meehan—Counseling Services

Erin Milne—Assessment

Laura Mooney—Athletics

Kelli Newby—English & Communications

Steve Pesola—Computer Support Services

Heather Quire—Student Affairs

Graziana Ramsden—Modern Languages

Clio Stearns—Education

Tom Truss—Fine & Performing Arts