Honors Spring 2022 Courses

HONR-201-01 Honors: Intro Ethnic Studies CCSJ, CHH 25 01/19-05/09 TR 10:30am-11:45am (B-222)  
In this course we will read an interdisciplinary series of texts that help us better understand and contextualize some of today’s most significant social and cultural issues. This is a Critical Race and Ethnic Studies course that investigates how society is culturally and institutionally constituted by ideas like race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, and nation. In addition to weekly reading assignments and discussion posts, you will be responsible for completing essays, engaging in in-person classes, and a class presentation 
AMGT 235H - 3 Credits - Honors: Fund. of Arts Culture 
Explores functional elements of arts and culture organizations with emphasis on strategic planning and organizations' fit in the arts ecosystem. An in-depth study of arts management focusing on topics including planning, organizational identity, environmental analysis, strategy development, marketing, human resources, financial planning, fundraising and control systems. Focus will be on the strategic management process and organizational innovation in the context of the contemporary arts environment. 
ENVI 152H - 4 Credits - Honors: Environmental Sustainability 
Provides a foundation in the nature and properties of natural resources in the context of sustainable environmental management. Students will consider and apply the paradigm of social, environmental and economic sustainability to a variety of natural resource issues such as fossil fuels, renewable energy, wastewater, forestry and wildlife, land protection, food production, urbanization and solid waste and recycling. Required laboratory. 
ENVI 152LH - 0 Credits - Honors Lab: Environmnt Resource 
HLTH 210H - 3 Credits - Hnrs: Human Growth Develop 
Explores the life cycle from conception to death. Biological, sociological, and psychological perspectives will be examined and applied to everyday situations and social issues. 
HONR 100 - 3 Credits - The Nature of Human Nature 
Explores the problematic notion of human nature employing the open-ended question-asking and interdisciplinary discussion which characterizes the Honors Program. The course ranges widely over philosophical, psychological, literary and anthropological texts, as well as works of art, which propose competing definitions for human nature. Students are asked first to understand and then to criticize each perspective in turn and finally to formulate their own understanding of human nature. 
HONR 210 - 1 Credit - Director's Book Course 
Reading of a single text chosen by students in the Commonwealth Honors Program. The text is discussed and augmented by student presentations on related topics. Includes teamwork with Commonwealth honors students at other campuses, perhaps meeting with the book's author and attending lectures on specific related topics. Course lasts seven weeks. Prereq: Membership in the Honors Society. 
IDST 251H - 3 Credits - Honors: Intro to Urban Studies 
Traces cities back to their origins and ends with the present day where urbanization is happening faster than ever. Following a chronological order, we will examine how global forces and local communities are intimately connected. The course draws from various academic disciplines and introduces students to basic concepts such as density, zoning, gentrification, and urban renewal. The goal is to help students become informed thinkers critical of urban designs and suburban lifestyle. 
SOCI 201H - 3 Credits - Honors: Social Problems 
Studies problems and disorganization in modern industrial society such as: poverty, racism, sexism, environmental pollution, militarism, and family issues. 
HONR-102-01 Honors: World Reg. Geography  
HONR-201-02 Honors: Health Promotion & Pln  
HONR-301-01 Honors: Philosophy of Music  
HONR-301-02 Honors: Philosophical Novel  
AMGT 345H - 3 Credits - Honors: Community Arts Educ 
Explores the work of artist educators in and out of school contexts; develops skills to identify learning objectives for their work; documents educational work; increases the potency of marketing and descriptive material. Prereq: AMGT 130 or AMGT 235. 
SOCI 470H - 3 Credits - Honors: The Posthuman Child 
Different iterations of posthumanity are examined to gain understanding of how child and youth posthumans relate to new, altered, or unaccepting societies and worlds. Drawing on posthuman and childhood studies theories, posthuman children and youth are contextualized by their positions as or relationships to various entities including aliens, animals, spirits, robots, vampires, witches, and clones. Prereq: SOCI 100, junior/senior status. 
AMGT 345H - 3 Credits - Honors: Community Arts Education 
Explores the work of artist educators in and out of school contexts; develops skills to identify learning objectives for their work; documents educational work; increases the potency of marketing and descriptive material. Prereq: AMGT 130 or AMGT 235.