How To Study Philosophy

Tips, Hints, and Resources

Studying Philosophy

Guide to the Study of Philosophy, by Professor Garth Kemerling,  provides some useful tips to help anyone do well in a philosophy course.

Reading Philosophy

One Good Way to Read Philosophy, by Professor Matt Silliman, offers helpful tips on how to get through difficult philosophy texts.

How to Read a Philosophy Paper, by Professor Jeff McLaughlin, provides more in depth guidance on how to read a philosophy text. 

Writing Philosophy

The Philosophical Writing Manual, by Martin Young, provides an in-depth introduction to philosophical writing.

How to Identify and Evaluate an Argument, by Professor Kay Mathiesen, helps you learn how to identify the philosopher's argument and evaluate its soundness.

CRITO, by Professor David Johnson, provides a guide to critical thinking and writing.

Style Checklist offers some (humorous) advice on what not to do in your philosophy papers. For more help improving your writing style, see Strunk and White's Classic The Elements of Style.

Researching Philosophy

Guide to Philosophy Resources on the Web: There are lots of good philosophy resources on the web; this is a guide to some of the best.

Discussing Philosophy

The Philosophy Society has weekly meetings to discuss topics of philosophical interest.