Medical emergency

Call Campus Police immediately (campus phones ext. 5100 or 911; other phones 413.662.5100 or 911).

Serious wound

  1. Quickly apply direct pressure using a clean thick pad or cloth to help control bleeding.
  2. Lay the victim down, if possible and safe to do so.
  3. Elevate bleeding body parts. 
  4. Cover the person with a blanket or coat to reduce body heat loss.

Neck, spine, or back injury

  1. DO NOT MOVE the person unless the immediate environment can cause further harm to the patient.
  2. Check breathing.
  3. Check the pulse in the neck artery under the lower jaw line, using middle and index fingers.

Unresponsive (no pulse, not breathing)

  • If you know CPR, begin immediately. Ask a bystander to call 911.

Seizure activity

  1. Clear the area around the patient to protect from further injury. 
  2. DO NOT place anything in the patient's mouth or attempt to restrain the patient.